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  • H-12932 EPS270 Agulha AV4HOME

H-12932 EPS270 Agulha AV4HOME

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Replacement Conical Stylus is compatible with moving magnet cartridge such as Technics: EPC270, 290, 405, 440, 88. 

- Conical tip with 1.5-2.0g tracking force that tracks in the record groove

- This turntable spare part replaces stylus: AN6 AAiwa / EPS270 National - Panasonic - Technics / JN321B Nagaoka / EPS270 Philips / EPS270 PYE

Models:National - Panasonic - Technics:EPS53STED, EPS270ED RD660, RD3500, RD6500, SF6600, SG3000, SG3060, SG3090, SL19, SL20, SL22, SL23, SL200, SL210, SL211, SL1300, SL220, SL221, SL230, SL231, SL235, SL1401A, SL1500, SL1600, SL1650, SL1700, SL1800, SL1900, SL2000, SL2200, SL2800, SL3060, SL3100, SL3200, SL3300, SL3310, SL3350, SL3500, SL7500, SLB2, SLB3, SLB31, SLB202, SLB210, SLB212, SLD1, SLD2, SLD3, SLD33, SLH303, SLH401 Philips: F8036, S3000, S8036, S8057, XA1002, XA1011, XA1051, XA3002, XA3035, XA3051 PYE: MC8100, P900, P4504, P4505, EPS53STED, EPS270ED Nagaoka: JN32

Suits Cartridge: National - Panasonic - Technics: EPC270D, EPC270C/II, EPC290C, EPC405C, EPC440C, EPC88SMAD, EPC270C/II Nagaoka: MM321EB