XDA-AMP5400 Yamaha
  • XDA-AMP5400 Yamaha
  • XDA-AMP5400 Yamaha

XDA-AMP5400 Yamaha

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XDA-AMP5400 Yamaha


Works together with Yamaha XDA-QS5400RK to expand speaker coverage in custom integrated multi-room audio systems
Eight channels of audiophile-grade Class D amplification, bridgeable and 4-ohm capable, featuring a unique ground loop/hum-free circuit design
Four audio buses and included jumpers allow for wide variety of speaker configurations
Interlocks power on/off with XDA-QS5400RK via Trigger I/O
Integration-friendly features include audio sensing inputs, IR I/O and more
1U-high, rack-wide enclosure; removable rack ears and faceplate included

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