Gira-Discos Pro-ject Audio RPM 10 Carbon

4.489,50 €  

IVA incluído

Turntable with 10" EVO carbon tonearm including Ground It Carbon base • Extra-heavy chassis with carbon layer • Belt drive • Separate metal housing for motor with built-in DC driven precision AC motor control • Electronic 33/45 speed switch • 3 individually height-adjustable magnetic field feet • Spirit level supplied • Extra-heavy chassis and granulate filled plinth guarantee constant damping • Extra heavy aluminium platter • Brass record puck • Inverted bearing with stainless-steel axle carrying a ceramic ball on which the ceramic bearing plate runs • Central metal block optimises centre of gravity and damps main bearing • Delivered with heavy turntable platform Ground it Carbon • Gold plated 5pin to RCA cable included (XLR version as an option)

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